2019 Flat Racing Accreditation School

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60 hours

The ROAP Flat Racing Accreditation School will be held in Southern California in July 2019. Specific dates and location will be updated once determined. If you are interested in the course, please register below to receive updates. Hotel information will be forwarded once available. A 16 hour Continuing Education Class for accredited officials and Certificate Course for the public will also be available.

Registrations are currently being taken. Registration deadline is June 1st. Four (4) items must be complete prior to attending the accreditation school:

  1. Materials Fee - The materials costs $50 (US Shipping) and are payable through the paypal link below. Once payment is received, the text book and supplemental materials will be sent (Check or money order also accepted, payable to ROAP) 
  2. Application - complete the registration below
  3. School Fee 
  4. Two letters of recommendation - The letters of recommendation are separate from the three references listed on your application. These must be sent to ROAP directly either through regular mail or email. At least one letter must be from someone in a regulatory capacity (ie: commissioner, steward, director of racing, etc)

It is strongly encouraged to purchase a materials packet well in advance of the school. The cost is $50, shipped within the United States ($60 to Canada), which includes the text book and supplemental materials. To purchase the materials packet please use the paypal link below or send a check/money order, payable to ROAP, to 821 Corporate Drive, Lexington, KY 40503. For shipping outside of North America, please contact ROAP. 

ROAP Materials

What to expect?

It is strongly encouraged to obtain the materials packet as soon as possible. The materials contain the text book and supplemental information that will be covered during the school. Due to the length of the school, information is covered very quickly and it is encouraged to read the entire text book prior to attending. Additionally, a thorough review of the ARCI model rules or your state jurisdictions rule book will assist in your completion of the school. 

The school is divided into three sections - General, Legal, and Medication. The bulk of the day will be in lecture with field trips schedule to attend and observe live races. The testing includes a four and a half (4.5) hour written examination, two (2) hour film review and a 30 minute oral examination. 

Lectures will be in a classroom setting and for long hours. Be sure to dress comfortably but presentable. Jeans are acceptable during lectures. Bring at least two professional outfits to wear to the races. Keep in mind to wear comfortable shoes for walking as much of the time spent at the races will be shadowing officials on both the front and backside.

How to Prepare For and Get the Most Out of the Steward/Judge Accreditation Program

  • Review the Racing Officials Resource Guide (text book).
  • Familiarize yourself with the racing statutes and/or rules of racing in your home jurisdiction. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the Model Rules of Racing found on the ARCI web site (www.arci.com). 
  • You will not be expected to memorize these rules, but you will be expected to understand their purpose and why they may differ from state to state.
  • Come ready to contribute to the conversation. Participation is more than half of the learning process. You have a lot to offer the rest of the group, so don't be shy!
  • When you think of unique situations that you have encountered, write them down! Bring that list with you. Discussing these events is the backbone of this program it helps to bring more consistency to decisions made at tracks across the region and the country.
  • Think about and write down current issues or problems you are facing. This is a great way to find out if other jurisdictions are facing the same things and how they are dealing with them.
  • Bring a tape of races that were 'close calls' or unusual incidents. 
  • Remember, write it down and bring it along!

If you have any questions about the application process, please direct them to the ROAP Coordinator, Cathy O'Meara

Accommodations: Hotel information will be added once dates are determined



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