Continuing Education Standings

Below is a listing and explanation of the ROAP Standings. The ROAP Standing will also coorespond with the ROAP Category Levels

  • Good Standing – fully accredited and has a current CE date (current year or forward)
  • Lapsed CE – accredited but CE is not current; participant must make up requisite number of CEs to become current and in good standing
  • Needs Experience – has met the educational and examination requirements but lacks the prescribed days of work experience for full accreditation
  • Needs to Complete Exams – has one or more outstanding examinations remaining to take
  • Awaiting Exam Results – completed school and is awaiting exam results
  • EXPIRED – was once accredited but allowed CE to lapse for over 10 years and is now required to ‘start all over’ with the accreditation process. This individual is not accredited. 
  • Incomplete Requirements -- Requirements were not fulfilled in the requisite time period. Individual is now required to ‘start all over’ with the accreditation process. This individual is not accredited.
  • ROAP Certificate Recipient – completed a ROAP certificate course for racing officials – this is NOT the same as accreditation. This is a two day course with general overview of the racing office and officials
  • Non Applicable – typically those signed up for a class or audited a class/course for their organization and do not have ROAP accreditation and/or is not a ROAP Certificate Recipient

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