Seasonal Animal Care / Veterinarian Assistant

Seasonal Animal Care / Veterinarian Assistant

Colorado Department of Revenue, Division of Racing

Arapahoe Park Racetrack, Aurora, Colorado

July 26  - October 8, 2021

There are two components to this position.  One component requires the safe collection of equine urine samples in the test barn at Arapahoe Park Racetrack with strict adherence to chain of custody requirements, as well as horse identification, sample handling and storage, and accurate record keeping.  These samples will be analyzed through a lab as mandated by the Department of Revenue, Division of Racing. Maintenance of a clean, safe test barn and lab are also required.

The second component of this position is to witness furosemide (Lasix) administration by practicing veterinarians.  This also requires accurate record keeping and horse identification in a fast paced, time sensitive environment.

This position will be scheduled Wednesday through Saturday. Typical hours will be 8AM to 6-7PM on those race days.  This is a paid externship, ranging from $15-20/hour, based on experience.  The applicant must be comfortable working around and handling racehorses.  This is a state position, so the applicant will make available one Monday in July for a mandatory paid HR meeting with the State of Colorado staff.  Training will be made available prior to the meet as well. 

For veterinary students, this position will provide an excellent opportunity to perform support work to professional veterinarians, experience performance horse veterinary care, lameness, and racetrack veterinary practice in general.  Externs will also have the opportunity to experience the regulatory side of veterinary practice and the responsibilities involved.

Ed Kulp

Agent In Charge

Division of Racing Events                                                                            

 P 303.887-9489

Arapahoe Park: 303-690-6910  

1707 Cole Boulevard, Suite 300, Lakewood, CO 80401  |

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May 20, 2021 to July 1, 2021
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1707 Cole Blvd Suite 300
Lakewood, CO 80033
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