Racing Officials Accreditation Program
ROAP Certificate Program

The goal of the ROAP Certificate Program is to provide an intermediary step toward full ROAP accreditation or to provide those who do not wish to be fully accredited shorter, job-specific courses that result in earning a racing official certificate. This is the first available training program for hands on racing official training in the U.S.

The ROAP Certificate Program is a two-day program, consisting of one day of general education for all officials and one day of job-specific modules geared toward each specific racing official position. Each student will focus on one racing official training program per Certificate Program. The program will be conducted at a racetrack to ensure the students receive hands-on experience in the environment in which they work.

The two-day course will conclude with a short assessment and the granting of a certificate to those who complete the course. Students who complete the two-day course can come back and take additional modules/exams for up to two years without re-taking the general education day.

The racing officials’ modules will consist of:

Certificates are good for five years and cost per participant will be $25.

The ROAP Certificate program will be held regionally each year. Check the calendar of events for more details or sign up below.

For more information, please email Cathy O'Meara at

To sign up for the North Dakota program on May 8-9 OR May 9-10, 2014, in Fargo, please use the PayPal link below.

Choose Session

ROAP is currently seeking racetracks and/or commissions that would like to serve as the host regional location for a ROAP Certificate Program. ROAP will provide all of the staffing and materials for the program.

Additionally, ROAP encourages all racetracks and commissions to send all current officials and interested parties to complete a ROAP certificate to raise the level of knowledge and education to your track and/or commission.